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  • DJ Coen DaCosa
    Coen Dacosa, a motivated man with a passion for music to the real next level. A born perfectionist and a self-made man. His way of doing things is out of the box, what makes him one of the most distinctive characteristics in music.

    Coen Dacosa is born in the Netherlands. At the age of 10 he started his DJ career with some basic gear. Around the age of 16, he bought his first cd players and he taught himself DJ'ing. From this moment Coen Dacosa started his career.

    From playing music at 'garden parties' he changed his position in a short time to a resident DJ position in a club in Roosendaal, but this wasn't enough for him. With his statement "I'm motivated" he wanted to share his passion and love for
    music with more and more people. Other cities weren't safe with Coen Dacosa's beats anymore. For example Amsterdam, Antwerp, Breda, Rotterdam even Greece and Turkey are places were you could have heard Coen Dacosa sharing his love for music.

    And now at DifferenZ! Seeing Coen Dacosa performing you will experience a next level entertaining. He wants the people to feel what he feels.

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