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    16 Augustus

    A perfect blend of a dance orientated dj, a outragous singer songwriter, a handsome saxplayer and an energetic percussionplayer that have a passion for entertaining an enthusiastic audience. Their main objective is to let you have the best time ever, by inspiring each other on stage they inspire their adience to let themselfs go on the dancefloor! That’s Men&Cherry.

    Who are the MEN and who is the CHERRY?

    They’ve met during performances on bussinessevents, clubs and the famous Hed Kandi events. There was instant chemistry between these experienced artists. But who are they?


    The leader of the pack and one of the most broadly orientated house dj’s around. As long as it’s groovy and funky Delamontagne will play it. The perfect warm up set or high enery when needed. With over a decade of experience combining dance music with live musicians and several residencies at places like the Harbour Club, Club Vie and the Hed Kandi events, he’s the ideal musical leader..

    Jennifer Cooke
    “Only you can realise your own dreams, you are what you believe“

    Singer/songwriterJennifer Cooke realises dream after dream. Performing with Sunnery James &Ryan Marciano on festivals like Indian Summer and topping the dancecharts in Holland and Belgium Jennifer is on the rise. A very energetic and loveable performer who’s always looking out for the other artists on stage embracing their achievements.

    Ace On Sax
    A highly schooled musician who wears an everlasting smile. ‘the face’ of this A-team when it comes to looks. His performances on the Hed Kadi events are always praised by his fellow artists and he’s not afraid to step of stage and involve the audience in his performance.

    B on drums
    An energectic performer who has the ability to bring a massive amount of extra power to a set. Never too much, always on time. Like Ace on Sax, Bart studied at the conservatorium, which now gives him the oppurtunity to teach others.

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